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TopUp Africa aims to provide Nigerians with the easiest payment solutions.

About Us

TopUp Africa was established with a clear vision to turn a payment process into an easy, hassle-free and profitable experience for all parties involved. It has become an added technologically advanced payment collection mechanism for service providers. Availability, innovation, simplicity and reliability are the essential qualities of TopUp Africa payment solution.

It allows end users to conveniently pay for the services used on a daily basis in a multitude of locations through several channels and it gives agents an accessible profit-making tool always within their reach.

TopUp Africa currently offers 3 payment channels, selected after careful examination of the Nigerian market: Android mobile app, POS terminal and portal. Should the need arise in the future, more payment options (such as self-service kiosks or e-wallet) will become available.

Furthermore, in line with CBN’s initiative to promote cashless policy, TopUp Africa substantially reduces the circulation of cash during its payment process allowing for gradual transition from cash-based to card-dominated economy. A simple example of this is the way TopUp agents receive their commission: it is transferred to them in the form of airtime.

The process is instant, effortless, and the key point, cash free!

TopUp Africa team combines vast international experience gained in competitive Eastern European and GCC markets and a sound understanding of Nigerian peculiarities and needs. The IT department composed of in-house developers guarantees that TopUp Africa products are thoroughly tested, easily adjustable, and regularly upgraded.

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The company values the trust that its clients put in it, thus it not only makes sure that its products anticipate, meet and exceed their needs, but it also provides the utmost security of all operations. The IT team keeps abreast of the latest security techniques and best practices in the sphere.

Several layers of protection, encryption of user data, HTTPS and SSL connection, reliable authentication mechanisms and data back-up are just some of the measures TopUp Africa uses to protect its clients’ funds and information.

TopUp Africa aims to provide Nigerians with the best options for their payment needs!

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  • Solution is innovative.
  • Payment channels are easy to install.
  • Highly competitive commission.
  • Commission is transferred immediately after each transaction.
  • New services will be added to ensure increase in sales opportunities.
  • Direct flexible top-up: any amount can be paid without the need to enter PIN codes.
  • A safe and protected way to pay and earn.
  • Our channels remove boundaries, as payments can be made from any part of Nigeria or the world.
  • Excellent solution for both experienced dealers and individuals.

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