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1. TopUp Africa Payment Channels

2. How to Register with us

3. About Mobile App

4. About Web Portal

5. About POS Terminal

6. How to Check Account Balance

7. How to check your commission or earnings

8. Reports

9. Security

10. Troubleshooting

TUA Channels

1. What TopUp Africa channels are available for me?

At the moment, you can choose from 3 channels: Android app, Web portal, and POS terminal. Mobile app can be installed on any Android device, portal can be accessed through any browser on PC or another device, and POS terminals are available in TUA office or with TUA sales agents.
POS              WEB PANEL              PHONE

2. Which channel best suits my needs?

It depends on your type of business, clients, location, available space and Wi-Fi availability. Please read sections dedicated to each of our payment channels to better assess their features, or you may always call us at 0704 645 5549 and discuss your requirements with our customer service representative.

3. Is there any difference in terms of use and commission rate between different payment channels?

No, whatever channel you choose, all the terms will be the same. We have brought different channels to provide more customized options to our customers.

4. Are all the channels free to use?

Yes, we do not charge any service fee, but if you want to buy an Android smartphone or POS terminal from us, we will offer it to you at an attractive price.


1. How do I register to become a TopUp Africa user?

You can register on our website by clicking on “Create an account” or “Sign up for free” buttons.  If you wish to use TUA mobile app, you can download it and register in the app itself.


2. What information is required for registration?

You only need to provide your phone number and email address. Please make sure to enter a valid phone number, as it will be required to make bank deposits to top up your account in TUA system.

Create Account

3. How do I know that the registration has been successful?

You will get an email confirming the successful registration of your account in TUA system. The email will also provide cash deposit / online transfer instructions and other useful information for TUA agents.

Registration Confirmation

Mobile App

1. Where can I use TopUp Africa mobile app?

You can use it on any Android phone or tablet.

2. How do I install TopUp Africa mobile app?

Simply search for “TopUp Africa” on Google Play Store and download the app free of charge.

 Play Store

3. How do I view TUA reports in my app?

To view different reports (successful transactions, airtime purchase, sales by providers, Agent-to-Agent transfer report) you need to press “Menu” button on your smartphone.

View Success
4. What is A2A feature?

A2A stands for “Agent-to-Agent”. It is a feature that allows agents to share or transfer Top-up (airtime) to other TopUp Africa accounts. With this feature, you can get a bulk amount of airtime from another agent and vend to end user. This is only possible, when the agent has sufficient Top-up to share.


This feature comes handy if you have run out of airtime and need it urgently. In this case you can ask fellow agents to transfer it to you.

Web Portal

1. Are there any reports available to web portal users?

Yes, there are. You can view a list of transactions in “Transactions’ section of the header.


2. Do I need to create a separate account in order to use the web portal?

No, you can log on to the web portal using your existing TopUp Africa login details.

POS Terminal

1. How can I get a POS terminal to use TUA application on it?

We provide POS terminals equipped with various functions to our agents. Please contact us at 07046455549 or send your request to enquiries@topupafrica.com.ng, and our customer service representative will assist you. You will be given a POS based on terms and conditions attached.

Balance on Account

1. I have created an account with TopUp Africa. How can I start making payments?

To start making payments, you first need to add credit to your account. You can do this by either depositing a desired amount to any of our partner banks and through online transfer.

The detailed instructions are sent to all our users in a separate email after registration and are also available under      section on the main page of TUA app or dashboard.

A list of TUA partner banks with corresponding account numbers:


Account number

First Bank of Nigeria


Zenith Bank


Guaranty Trust Bank


Diamond Bank


Sterling Bank


Please make sure you mention your mobile number while making a deposit in the bank or transferring funds online, otherwise we will not be able to credit your account.

2. How soon after making a deposit will I get the balance on my account?

Your account will generally be credited within 5 minutes, depending when the bank posts your transaction to us.
Please note that at the moment all payments are processed only during standard working hours (Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm except public holidays).

3. How do I know the remaining balance in my account?

Your balance is displayed as “Airtime” in the right corner of the app and in the header of the web portal.


1. What commission am I entitled to?

All TUA users receive upto 5% commission from each transaction in favour of any mobile operator (MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel and Visafone).


2. How do I receive my commission?

Commission in the form of additional airtime is transferred to an agent after each transaction. It is displayed in the "Profit" section.  An agent can accumulate this commission, and cash it in by selling the airtime and keeping money.


1. How do I keep track of my transactions?

You can view all transactions that you carried out within any selected period of time in “Successful transactions” section in the main menu of the app or in “Transactions” section in the web portal’s header.

00 01 02

2. What types of reports are available for me?

The app provides 4 types of reports: “Report by providers”,  “Successful transactions”, “Airtime purchase” and “A2A report”.


1. How does TUA guarantee the safety of my funds and the security of my transactions?

Security of transactions is our priority. We use a range of techniques to ensure maximum protection of your transactions and confidentiality of your personal information, such as encryption of user data, HTTPS and SSL connection, and high level of password protection.

2. And what if my password is stolen?

First, we encourage all our users to create strong passwords and not to disclose their login details to anyone. If, however, your password has been stolen, we urge you to change it as soon as possible. But even if you do not immediately reset your password, we have put in place an added measure to protect your account: if someone tries to login using your password from any device that you have never used before, we will send a verification email to the address that you provided during registration. It is impossible to start using your account from a new device without this confirmation.

3. How can I change my password?

We encourage our clients to change their passwords from time to time to ensure maximum protection. To do this, simply click “Change password” in the “Menu” section of the app.

Change Password


1. I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

Just click “Forgot password” at the bottom of the “Registration” page of the app and your password would be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

2. I am afraid that my password could be stolen. What shall I do?

Change your password immediately. We advise users to change passwords regularly as an added security measure.

3. I have entered a wrong number and sent airtime to a wrong person by mistake. Is there a chance to cancel the transaction?

We urge you to double-check the entered number to make sure it is correct before clicking on “Pay”. You can’t cancel the transaction, but you can contact your mobile operator regarding the issue.

4. I wanted to make a transaction but received an error message instead. What shall I do?

Just wait for a few minutes and try again. Most error messages come as a result of technical issues with the network provider, which is usually resolved within a short period of time.

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