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TopUp Africa aims to provide Nigerians with the easiest payment solutions.

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Mobile App

Mobile App

We always have our smartphones at hand, why not turn them into a source of income? With TopUp Africa Android app available for free on Google Play Store, you can accept payments for different services via your phone. Whether you are an experienced dealer with a high volume of sales, an agent wishing to explore a new business area, or an individual seeking a convenient and cost-saving payment means, our solution will meet your requirements.

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A free download, an easy registration, an intuitive interface, and an instant commission ensure rewarding experience. We have adjusted TopUp interface to different screens for utmost convenience. Our app provides users with all the information about their balance, profit, transactions and deposits to guarantee transparency and efficient financial monitoring. Security of transactions and peace of mind for TopUp Africa users is on top of our priorities list, thus we use the latest encryption techniques and security protocols.

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Mobile App

POS Terminal

Do you have a shop, a pharmacy, a hotel, or any other business establishment with a high flow of customers? Do you want to offer value-added services to your clients? Or do you simply have a small free space that you would like to use to gain extra profit? Then POS terminal with preinstalled TopUp Africa software can be the right solution for you. A tested multifunctional device with Android OS, easy-to-use touch screen, long-lasting battery and built-in barcode reader allows to accept payments in favour of different service providers and earn commission from each transaction. In case a customer requests a payment confirmation, POS terminal can print a receipt with all transaction details. This portable device can be placed in any location visible to your clients.

The process is two-fold: your existing clients can be offered a new convenient payment service, which will in turn give them an extra reason to come to your place in the future. At the same time, by promoting value-added services, you may get new clients for your major line of business. Thus, both your core business and your ancillary payment business will get a boost. The range of services will expand over time turning your place into a one-stop shop for various payment needs of your customers.

Click the link below to register and visit our office to get your POS device! You can find us at Suites T 01/02/03, Smart Bridge Plaza, No. 1, O.P. Fingesi Road, Utako, Abuja – FCT.

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• Do you spend a lot of time at your computer at home or at work?
• Do you want to find a new way in which to make your PC useful?
• Does the reception desk in your company have a computer with Internet connection?
• Does your company provide corporate mobile connection to its employees?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then TopUp Africa portal, a payment channel and an earning tool accessible via any computer with Internet connection, can be right for you.

TopUp Africa portal suits the needs of different groups of users: dealers who make a business of airtime sales, corporate clients who wish to pay corporate bills at a discounted price or provide an added service to their customers, and individuals who pay for themselves, their friends and families.
The portal is compatible with any browser and ensures high level of security of all transactions. Similar to mobile app and POS terminal, it is characterized by easy registration, comprehensive information about user’s balance and transactions and immediate commission transfer.

Furthermore, using their computer, agents can conveniently access numerous reports in TopUp Africa system to analyze sales and create a more efficient business model. Ready to enjoy the convenience of our service and make a profit? Then click on the link below and follow the simple registration steps!


We offer multiple services under one roof using several payment channels to choose from. Convenience for end users, stable earnings and attractive discounts for our agents and cost-efficiency for Service Providers, with TopUp Africa everyone wins!

1. TopUp Africa payment solution is innovative, technologically advanced, secure, user-friendly, reliable and profitable
2. Our payment channels are easy to install, register and use: the whole registration process does not take more than 2 minutes!
3. Highly competitive commission rate on all services
4. Commission is transferred immediately after each transaction: no need to wait to touch your income!
5. New services will be added to ensure increase in sales opportunities: electricity bills, Internet payments, school fees are but some of the services to come
6. Direct flexible top-up: any amount can be paid without the need to enter PIN codes
7. A safe and protected way to pay and earn: security of transactions and safety of users’ funds is guaranteed
8. Our channels remove boundaries, as payments can be made from any part of Nigeria or the world
9. Excellent solution for both experienced dealers and individuals who use TopUp Africa app or portal to pay personal bills at a discounted rate

Become a pioneer in the sphere of payment acceptance with TopUp Africa and take advantage of our multiple benefits!

TopUp Africa provides secure and comfortable platform for paying bills.